1955 Ford F100 “DaBrakeJob” Coyote 5.0L

All Steven Bohte needed to do was supplant the brakes on his 1955 F100. The brakes were fine for him, since he had claimed the truck for a couple of years and had utilized it as a cruiser, however when taking his life partner for a journey, she wasn’t too enthusiastic about the truck’s security. The ’55 was outfitted with plate brakes in advance with drums out back. It appears to be the drum brakes eren’t ready for carrying the truck to an end.

1955 Ford F100 “DaBrakeJob” Coyote 5.0L 2.JPG

Bohte conversed with Dupuy at Rock-lt Hot Rods about adding Wilwood brakes to the truck, and that is the point at which it began snowing. Bohte had working history with Dupuy since Bohte is an aints a ton of vehicles Axalta paint rep, and clearly, Dupuy p at Rock-lt Hot Rods. Bohte got some information about adding Wilwood brakes to the ’55, yet the brakes wouldn’t fit inside the truck’s current wheels. Dupuy proposed new wheels, yet he figured why stop there? He recommended putting another frame under the truck, and in the event that they were going that far, another drivetrain was all together too.

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Fortunately, Bohte was on board with everything he suggested. The truck had to wait its turn before getting worked on, but Bohte was a regular at the shop to check and receive updates on the build. After a short time spent finishing other projects, Dupuy and the Rock-It Hot Rods staff blew the truck apart to start the project. To get the project off on the right foot, Dupuy added a Scott’s Hotrods SuperSlam chassis with an AccuAir CVT airbag system.

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When Dupuy and Bohte first talked about the brakes, they determined that the easiest way to accomplish the right brake setup was to get a chassis that already featured Wilwood brakes. Adding the Scott’s Hotrods chassis presented an easy way to le that happen. Plus, the Accuair CVT system brought quiet and intelligent operation to deliver the perfect combination of for and function for the truck’s suspension. To finish off the chassis wheels and suspension, Bohte went with American Racing eels wrapped in Mickey Thompson treads. Pe’rfo°rrtmheandcreirain, it all starts up front with a Ford Power Module system featuring a Coyote crate DaBrakeJob features an AccuAir CVT air ride system for the ultimate in adjustability.

1955 Ford F100 “DaBrakeJob” Coyote 5.0L 5.JPG

Sadly, AccuAir is no longer in business, but the CV-I” system was designed to provide quiet operation and infinite adjustability to arrive at the proper settings, whether for street or show. Engine paired with a 6R80 transmission. Previous to the Coyote combination, the truck featured a 460 big-block with a C6 in the tunnel. At that time, the truck also had a Moser 9-inch rear end. The truck had plenty of power, and with a FAST EFI system, the drivability was really good to boot. It had so much power that Bohte almost flipped the truck when he first got it after doing a burnout in front of a buddy’s house. The new powertrain is may more civilized than the previous big-block, and more street friendly with the 6R80 behind the Coyote. Next up, the body was modified but in a may that’s so subtle you’d be hard-pressed to pick out the changes.

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